Bear Crafts and Activities

The Lovable Teddy Bear Plaque makes a great homemade gift or keepsake.

Polar bears, teddy bears, panda bears -- everyone loves bears, and there's plenty about bears to love. These bear crafts and activities for kids are creative, fun projects for bear lovers and craft fans alike.

The craft projects below make great party favors or special homemade gifts. Looking for some rainy-day fun? You can have fun and learn something new about bears with these projects.

Have a day of bear-themed fun with these bear crafts and activities.

Dancing Teddy Bear Balloon

This bear craft is a great party activity. Learn how to make a dancing teddy bear balloon in eight easy-to-follow steps.

Lovable Teddy Bear Plaque

This adorable teddy bear delivers a special message. Learn how to create this simple craft project.

Polar Bear Warmth Science Activity

Ever wonder how polar bears stay warm in cold Arctic temperatures? Complete this bear project to find out how.

Keep reading to learn how to make a fun dancing teddy bear balloon.

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