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Animal Crafts

These animal crafts articles contain a wide variety of animal crafts and activities for kids. Find crafts relating to your child's favorite animal.

Frog Crafts and Activities

Frog crafts and activities will have kids hopping with excitement. Despite what some frogs may tell you, these fun kids crafts will have you thinking it's easy being green. Learn about five fun frog crafts and activities.

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Crafting a Bird Feeder

Crafting a bird feeder at home is a great crafting idea for kids that will coax songbirds to the yard. Learn how to create a bird feeder. See more »

Crafting a Bug Box

Crafting a bug box for watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly or to house other insects. Learn about crafting a bug box. See more »

Edible Aquarium

These little edible aquariums make for pretty dessert dish or birthday party favors. Learn how to create edible aquariums. See more »

Horse Crafts and Activities

If your children love horses, they'll love the horse activities in this article. Pretend to be a horse or make decorative horse pictures. Learn more. See more »

Crafty Animal Projects for Kids

Crafty animal projects for kids include pets for the end of your pencils and a lion made out of wood. See more crafty animal projects for kids. See more »

Lobster Craft

This Loony Lobster animal craft is one cute crustacean. Learn how to make your own Loony Lobster with these illustrated instructions. See more »

Dragon Craft

This fun and easy dragon craft uses simple materials. Learn how to make a magical dragon of your own with these illustrated instructions. See more »

Animal Activities

Activities inspired by the animal world are great fun for kids. Explore the animal world with these fun and interesting animal activities for kids. See more »