These animal crafts articles contain a wide variety of animal crafts and activities for kids. Find crafts relating to your child's favorite animal.


Insect Crafts

Whether kids love bugs or bug out around creepy-crawlies, insect crafts are great fun and can bring out the curiosity in anyone. The craft possibilities are endless. Learn how to get started exploring the insect world with these four crafts.

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  • Crafting a Bird Feeder
    Crafting a Bird Feeder

    Kids can increase the sounds of songbirds in their yards by creating homemade bird feeders that coax them near. Learn how to make a homemade bird feeder. See more »

  • Crafting a Bug Box
    Crafting a Bug Box

    Watching a caterpillar spin a cocoon and emerge as a butterfly can be exciting and educational. To create a caterpillar condo or abode for some other bug, try out this craft. See more »

  • Edible Aquarium
    Edible Aquarium

    These little edible aquariums make for pretty dessert dish or birthday party favors. Learn how to create edible aquariums. See more »

  • Animal Activities
    Animal Activities

    If you've got a pint-sized animal lover in your life, animal activities for kids are a great way to combine a little learning and a lot of hands-on fun. Explore the animal world with these fun and interesting animal activities. See more »

  • Animal Crafts
    Animal Crafts

    Whether it's a day at the zoo or an afternoon spent exploring the backyard, kids love learning about animals. From bears to bugs, kids love animals, and they'll love the animal crafts in this article. Find step-by-step directions for great animal crafts. See more »

  • Ant Activities
    Ant Activities

    Kids who are curious about science, animals, or insects will love trying these ant activities. From an easy-to-build ant farm to a set of experiments you can conduct in your own backyard, these activities open up a world of fun and spark a love for learning. See more »

  • Bear Crafts and Activities
    Bear Crafts and Activities

    Polar bears, teddy bears, panda bears -- everyone loves bears, and there's plenty about bears to love. These bear crafts and activities are creative, fun projects for bear lovers and craft fans alike. Get started with these bear crafts. See more »

  • Bee Activities
    Bee Activities

    If you're looking for fun, educational projects for the animal-loving kids in your life, make a beeline for the activities in this article. Find step-by-step instructions for bee activities that kids will love. See more »

  • Bird Crafts
    Bird Crafts

    Birds are a delight to spot in nature, with their gorgeous, vivid colors and graceful shapes. The bird craft projects in this article capture some of that beauty with crafts that are not only lovely, but simple and fun to make, too. See more »

  • Butterfly Activities
    Butterfly Activities

    Butterfly activities offer great ways for kids to understand and appreciate the butterfly, one of nature's most beautiful insects. Learn how to make a caterpillar hatchery, butterfly net, butterfly balloon and more. See more »

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