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Animal Crafts

These animal crafts articles contain a wide variety of animal crafts and activities for kids. Find crafts relating to your child's favorite animal.

Monkey Balloon Animal

Sculpting a monkey balloon animal for kids isn't as difficult as it looks. You just need to know a few of the basics. Learn the techniques and see pictures on how to make a monkey balloon animal.

You'd like to learn how to make sock animals with the single socks you have around the house. This article will tell you how to make sock animals. See more »

When you know how to hang a bird house on a tree you can provide a welcoming home to local birds. Learn about how to hang a bird house in this article. See more »

Crafting a Bird Feeder

Kids can increase the sounds of songbirds in their yards by creating homemade bird feeders that coax them near. Learn how to make a homemade bird feeder. See more »

Crafting a Bug Box

Watching a caterpillar spin a cocoon and emerge as a butterfly can be exciting and educational. To create a caterpillar condo or abode for some other bug, try out this craft. See more »

Edible Aquarium

These little edible aquariums make for pretty dessert dish or birthday party favors. Learn how to create edible aquariums. See more »

Horse Crafts and Activities

If your children love horses, they'll love the horse activities in this article. Pretend to be a horse or make decorative horse pictures. Check out these horse crafts. See more »

Crafty Animal Projects for Kids

Animals of all stripes are fascinating to children. Indulge their interest with these crafty animal projects. See more »

Lobster Craft

This lobster may have claws, but you won't have to worry about getting pinched when you make this fun lobster craft. See color illustrations with craft instructions on how to make the Loony Lobster. See more »

Dragon Craft

A friendly dancing dragon is a kid's best friend! Learn how to create this fun kid's animal craft with its big, floppy eyelashes. Learn how to make homemade dragon crafts with these instructions. See more »

Animal Activities

If you've got a pint-sized animal lover in your life, animal activities for kids are a great way to combine a little learning and a lot of hands-on fun. Explore the animal world with these fun and interesting animal activities. See more »